We Are
Here for You!

We offer a holistic approach through our wellness education & support groups:

Addressing the Spiritual & Emotional, Mental, Physical and Vocational

Life Transformation Starts Here

Discipleship/Life Transformation

  • Weekly 12-Step Life Recovery Group

  • Life Application of Scripture

  • Discipleship & Prayer

  • Journaling & Vision Boards

  • Peer Support & Healthy Friendships

  • Women's Ministry Retreats & Gatherings

  • Mentoring & Discipleship

Job Readiness/Soft Skills

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing

  • Interview Preparation

  • Strengths Assessments

  • Communication

  • Problem Solving

Professional Empowerment Clinics

  • Career Enhancement

  • Leadership Development

  • Financial Management

  • Beauty & Beyond

  • Effective Communication

  • Connections & Networking

  • Home Ownership

  • And More

Referral Resources

  • Celebrate Recovery, AA, NA, CA 12-Step Programs

  • Transitional Housing

  • Recovery Treatment & Counseling Centers

  • Food & Clothing Pantries

  • Employment Services

We walk beside you for as long as you need our support
when you join our free mentoring program. 


We meet you where you are with love and compassion-

No judgement

No shame

No condemnation.


We connect you to a mentor and encouragers to help you get plugged into a safe and healthy community. 

We support your efforts to grow, learn, heal from the traumas of your past and rise up! We will encourage you and celebrate your successes with you!


We will empower you through professional and motivational coaching, helping you discover your talents and strengths and gain confidence to continue to find success on your journey.

Core Values

Our ministry is grounded in six core values that we adhere to on a daily basis when working to embrace, encourage, and empower the women around us:

Faith, Hope, Love, Encouragement, Holiness, and Healthy Relationships.