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Picking Up Our Fallen Sisters

Have you ever made a decision that filled you with regret? 


You fell into an uncomfortable place with painful consequences. You felt discouraged and defeated, not knowing how to get back up. If you could have changed the whole experience...

Every woman can relate to this situation- making a decision that ends in an unexpected consequence.  For some women, it leads to incarceration.

I Need Help

You were incarcerated

We have inspiring programs and support options for any woman who has been in jail or prison for any reason.

I want to Help

You are an encourager

You are an experienced volunteer or an overcomer of your past and want to help others find their way up. 

Image by Kat Yukawa
I Want to Give

You can help financially

We are a nonprofit that operates on donations and your generous gifts to provide supplies and assistance to women in need.

Isaiah 42: 6a-7

"I the Lord have called you in righteousness...you will open the eyes of the blind. You will free the captives from prison and release those who sit in darkness."

Our mission is to:

Jail & Prison Ministry // Discipleship  // Events //  Transition Resources  // Volunteer Opportunities  // and more...

 Build Positive
 Gain Trust  & Confidence
Live & Work Successfully